Our computer-controlled,
state-of-the-art production plant
provides a large and stable
supply of fresh concrete.

Exterior view of our state-of-the-art plant.
Raw materials are stored in silos out of consideration for the environment.

Integrated system operates under
computer control to meet the criteria of
strict quality inspections.
These are the most advanced facilities of
their kind.High-tech features are fully
utilized to produce the best fresh
concrete available.

■ State-of-the-Are Laboratory

A wide variety of tests can be conducted in
the thermostatic chamber with humidity
and temperature control.
The 2000KN compression tester can accommodate
even the strongest concrete.

■ GPS Operation Control System

Fresh concrete trucks are equipped with GPS,
so transport conditions can be grasped in real time.
Delivery management is reduced to a minimum
for speediest arrival at delivery destination.

From left,photo shows corrugated silos for aggregate and towers for manufacturing cement and raw concrete.

Thermostatic Chamber

Compression Tester

Control Room




deliver approximately 1500m3 in a single day.

Bulletin board system displays and confirms loading sequence to mixer trucks.

■ Plant Data

・Batcher plant
・Equipped with DASH-200N 2.75m3/B mixer
・Capable of delivering approx.1500m3/day