■ History

1949 Suehiro Kimono Fabric Shop established
1957 Suehiro Gravel established
1963 Quarry opened
1967 SUEHIEO SANGYO LLC.established;
manufacturing of fresh concrete begins
1971 Civil Engineering Division factory for the
manufacture of fresh concrete approved
in Aichi Prefecture
1973 Quarry closed
1975 Registered as gravel pit operator,
Aichi No.282
1976 New fresh concrete plant constructed
1977 Obtained permission to display
JIS certificarion at plant
(477008 for fresh concrete)
1981 Secondary products plant newly constructed
1986 Kenji Agata appointed president
1989 Ougi-kai formed
1992 Name changed to
new plant for fresh concrete constructed



1993 Hamamatsu Sales Office opened
1996 Hamamatsu Sales Office moved to
new location
2003 Nagashino Sales Office opened
2004 Yakiniku House Rodan opened
2006 Secondary products plant closed
2007 Ohnojuku Museum Coffee House Horaikan
2008 Affiliation with Clean Up Co.,Ltd.
Name changed from Yakiniku House Rodan
to Yakiniku House Senju
Undertook Kyoei Shokai Co.,Ltd.'s
business lines
Nagashino Sales Office moved to new location
Affiliation with Shinshiro Fresh Concrete,Ltd.
2009 New plant completed;Business Headquarters
moved to new location
The real estate business established