■ Ohnojuku Museum Coffee House Horaikan

This distinctive building characterized by the medallion adorning the entrance roof and the Doric columns of the shop interior was built as the head office of the former Ohno Bank at the end of Japan' s Taisho Period(1912-1926).
While the exterior retains the grandeur of a steel-reinforced concrete bank edifice,the interiors are constructed of wood in an architectural style that evokes the Taisho Period' s aspirations toward modernity. IN the 80 years since its construction,this building has supported the regional economy and kept watch over its modemization.After ceasing to play the
role of a financial institution some years ago, it remained in quiet slumber before deing reborn as the Ohnojuku Museum Coffee House Horaikan.Today it is widely patronized as the
cultural base of the region and a space for enjoying communication.

Please see Site of Horaikan for details of various meetings and menus, etc.



■ Yakiniku House Senju

Senju is a restaurant that specializes in the thinly sliced
grilled meat known as Yakiniku.It stocks only the
choicest Wagyu Beef,primarily Hida-beef(top-quality beef
in Japan).The entire restaurant is laid out in private rooms
accommodating as many as 27 guests.Diners can enjoy
select Wagyu Beef in private spaces with decor that is
traditionally Jpapanese or modern and refined. In addition
to Yakiniku, Senju serves hot pots and the stew-like dishes
known as Nade. This restaurant makes an ideal place to
hold get-togethers in any season-from year-end and
New Year' s parties to birthday parties, greeting/farewell
parties, and other small gatherings. Senju is committed to
providing safe and reliable products to meet our
customers' expectations.It is known as an establishment
that provides support for joyous occasions.


■ Kyoei Shokai Co., Ltd.

Kyoei Shokai has continued to rank Regional No.1 with the aim of providing a full-service station and maintenance shop under the leading ENEOS brand.

■ General Trading Division

Our General Trading Divison sells environmentally friendly Eco Items using natural materials containing no chemical substances. In a contemporary world that is losing touch with Nature, we deliver products that are nonhazardous and are gentle on the human body and environment. We offer total support for safe daily lives that bring peace of mind for all.

SUEHIRO SANGYO Co . We will be able to shop on the Internet in Ltd Web-shop.