Proposing Town and City Development That Coexists with Nature

At the Hamamatsu and Nagashino Sales Offices,
we continually meet the needs of our customers
with these 7 guiding principles.

atisfaction We deliver satisfaction to our customers.
sefulness We make effective proposals with practical utility.
conomy We introduce low-cost products best suited to your construction site.
umanity We contribute to society by training warm-hearted,helpful staff members.
magination We daily upgrade all conceivable knowledge related to our business.
apidity We act upon our customers' requests promptly.
riginality We strive to develop original products through tie-ups with other makers.

Road/transportation products,natural/environmental products, housing/development products,
rainproofing/water-use products, river products, materials recycling products,
construction methods/maintenance,global warming prevention products,etc.
We handle the broad range of products that only a trading company can provide.



Hamamatsu Sales Office

Nagashino Sales Office