■ Clean Up Co., Ltd.

Located in the mountainous region known as Shizuoka Prefecture's
Hokuen, Clean Up supplies public works and other customers,with a
delivery area spanning the Old Sakuma-cho, Misakubo-cho, and
Tatsuyama-mura districts of Hamamatsu.This business finds
opportunities for growth in the special characteristics of this mountain
area,and it has provided materials for the maintenance of the Second
Tomei and Sanen Nanshin expressways.


■ Shinshiro Fresh Concrete CO.,Ltd.

Southern Shinshiro is blessed with a rich natural environment
featuring cherry blossoms in the spring, fishing for freshwater trout in
the Toyogawa River in the summer, brilliant foliage in the fall,and
occasional blankets of snow in the winter.Here,Shinshiro Fresh
Concrete delivers mainly to public works construction sites such as
the Second Tomei Expressway.
With the motto of Harmony,Sincerity,and Persistence,this company coninually strives for stable product quality and improvements in technology.
By satisfying customers'
product requirements and gratifying the confidence placed in it by the
community,Shinshiro Fresh Concrete seeks to become a Welcome
presence in the Aichi-Shizuoka Region.